[Guide][1.24+] Create a Metallic Paintjob with Mask (WIP)

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[Guide][1.24+] Create a Metallic Paintjob with Mask (WIP)

Postby Eagle_Eye » Tue Feb 21, 2017 12:03 pm

[Guide][1.24+] Create a Metallic Paintjob with Mask

This is a work in production (WIP)


This guide will give you the steps to follow to create a metallic skin with areas masked out that will not be affected by the metallic colour you choose.

The metallic colour can be changed in game to your liking.

Before you can create your Metallic Paintjob in ETS2 Studio, you must add an alpha channel to your paintjob dds file to mask out the areas you want protected from the changeable metallic.

See the guides below before you create your paintjob file.

[Guide] Create Alpha Channel for ETS2/ATS Metallic Paintjob

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[Guide][1.24+] Create Alpha Channel Colour Metallic Paintjob

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Before you can create your Metallic Paintjob in ETS2 Studio, you must create a "Paint Icon" to add to your file.

See the guide below before you create your paintjob file.

[Guide][1.24+] Create a Paint Icon for Paintjob

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A look at the finished result.


I have uploaded a file to my site, in the zip file are 6 files.

The default flake_noise.dss from ETS2
The 3 manifest files
2 PSD files I created as a base for creating Paint Icons and Package Pictures.

You won't need all the items in this zip for this guide, but, you might need them for my other guides.


You can download the file from the link below.

http://www.dfreload.com/forum/files.php ... le&id=2689

You will need the following files from my zip.


To create your skin you need ETS2Studio, link below.


As a text editor for later use editing game files, I suggest this free notepad++ tool, link below.


Winzip ( or your preferred compression program ) link below.



There may be better ways of doing things, this way works for me and is quick and effective.

If it doesn't work for you, then I guess it's tough luck lol.

I take no responsibility if things go wrong.

Before you begin

Before you begin, I suggest you put all the file you will need into the same directory.

You need the following.

1. Your dds file for your skin that you have created with an Alpha Channel.
2. The flake_noise.dds from my zip
3. Your Paint Icon png.

How to create your Metallic Skin File

Open your ETS2 Studio and select the base truck for your skin, in my case, its the RJL, Scania R & Streamline.

Click on the "Skin Properties" Tab.

Make changes to the items marked in pink highlight..

1. Skin Name - This will show up as the name of your skin above the icon in the paint shop.

2. Skin Internal Name - This MUST be lower case and be individual, no skin can have the same internal name, be random and creative so it probably ever be used by someone else.

3. Skin Type - Airbrush and tick Metallic color

4. Make sure Set skin as stock is NOT selected, your skin won't change colours if this is set.

5. Base color - Set up the same as mine if you like, they can be whatever you choose. Doesn't really matter as the colours can be changed when you buy the paint job.

6. Suitable for cabin - Tick whatever boxes suit your skin.


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